HR Management (Desktop / Web)

    E VISION Human Resource Management System is a comprehensive, cost-effective and complete software solution to manage all human resources of organization. Employees are vital asset of any of organization Effective management of your crucial organization asset – is most vital in growing your organization. HRMS includes different modules for personnel (profile, leave, time & attendance etc.) and organization (recruitment, training, benefits, performance etc.) information providing multiple access.

    Main features are

    1. Employee Registration.
    2. Employee General BIO Data.
    3. Academic Record.
    4. Previous Experience Record.
    5. Departments Detail (Optional).
    6. Location Detail (Optional).
    7. Designation Detail (Optional).
    8. Attendance Record via any of device (Hand punch / Thumb Scan / Card ).
    9. Employee Payroll Management.
    • Allowances Detail
    • Provident Fund Detail
    • Tax Deductions
    • Gratuity Detail
    10. Leave Management E-Work flow (Application launching to approval).
    11. Employee Targets / Objectives record for a session.
    12. Employee Appraisal Record.
    13. Employee Promotion record.
    14. Employee Bonuses / Increments Record.
    15. Employee Training Record.
    16. Travel / Hotel Arrangements of Employee via E-Work flow (Initiation to approval).
    17. Assets Issuance Record.
    18. Employee Firing / Resign / Termination.
    19. Final Settlement.
    General Features

    1. Flexible to integrate with all other applications (Inventory , POS , Production, HR , Etc Modules).
    2. Multi User.
    3. Access Level configuration as per user level.
    4. All reports data can be imported to excel.